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About Europe Logistics

Europe Logistics is a world-class independent bulk liquid storage facility operator for chemicals, petroleum, and base oils. We own and operate a global network of seven cutting-edge and adaptable storage terminals in strategic locations throughout the United States and Europe, providing loading and unloading services for various transportation modes such as pipeline, vessel, barge, rail tank car, and truck. Our headquarters are in the port of Rotterdam’s petrochemical hub (The Netherlands). Our facilities have a total capacity of roughly 3.0 million m3 for bulk liquid storage.

Europe Logistics is positioned in the petrochemical center of Europe’s largest port. The storage facility may accept many forms of transportation such as water, road, and rail. Aside from storage, the location also provides blending, formulating, filling, drumming, packaging, and logistics services. Europe Logistics provides customized solutions for storing your fluids. We always offer the perfect solution for your storage needs, with tanks of nearly every capacity. Our storage facilities are easily accessible by ship, truck, and train.

Facts and Figures

  • Europe Logistics services a diverse customer base that includes all of the major chemical and petrochemical businesses.
  • Europe Logistics is a responsible community member committed to sustainable development in all of the places in which we operate.
  • We try to design and update our assets in order to have the greatest positive impact on society.
  • Europe Logistics complies with all applicable laws and adheres to the guiding principles outlined in Responsible Care.
  • Europe Logistics makes every effort to follow the guidelines outlined in ISO 26000 on Social Responsibility and ISO 31000 on Risk Management.
  • Europe Logistics is a CDI-T member in good standing (Chemical Distribution Institute – Terminals).
  • Europe Logistics employs Total Quality Management and ISO 9001 methods to achieve continual improvement in everything we do.

Our Core Values

Integrity & Trust





Our Mission

We pledge to deliver best-in-class service, sustainability, and efficiency. As the custodian of our clients’ products, we cultivate a proactive 100% safety culture, ensuring that the products held in our facilities are handled appropriately and without causing harm to people or the environment. We place a premium on having a positive social impact and ensuring the long-term environmental sustainability of our activities. We are continuing to improve our performance by making decisions that complement and develop our terminal network, all while focusing on operational excellence and client centricity. By investing in sustainable development and digital innovation, we hope to become the leading reference in responsible service delivery. By optimizing our basic processes, we can continue to provide safe and efficient services that are suitable for the future.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be significant and relevant now and in the future for our customers, the communities in which we operate, our colleagues, contractors, and shareholders. We are a diversified collection of devoted individuals, each with specialized knowledge, a wide range of abilities, and the mindset of a leader. We succeed through collaboration, where all of our efforts contribute to provide our customers with best-in-class service while maintaining high HSSEQ standards. We are all responsible for implementing our strategy and developing and sustaining a robust business culture.

Strategic Approach

We value collaboration and want to be the preferred partner for professional storage and logistics services. We target long-term growth by expanding current facilities, building new storage terminals, and acquiring tank farm markets, with continuous expansion in petroleum products storage and petrochemicals. With a decentralized management structure and a can-do attitude, we develop an entrepreneurial spirit and a can-do mentality by allowing employees to make the correct decisions. We care for our employees by assisting them in developing the necessary skills and capacities, and we provide ongoing training to ensure the best potential results.

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