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Europe Logistics adds value to customer products

Our storage terminals streamline supply networks while lowering total costs. From custom-built solutions on-site to document processing and labeling, our agile corporate culture enables us to respond swiftly to any demands and anticipate our customers’ needs.


Barges, ships, railroads, and trucks can all be connected. Hours of operation are flexible, and loading and unloading are quick. Customs agents, document processing, and laboratories are all available on-site. All of our facilities are designed to make loading, unloading, and storing your merchandise quick and easy.

Our storage facilities are designed to satisfy the specific demands of our customers. A wide choice of tank sizes helps you to get the best fit while keeping expenses down. Heated tanks, refrigeration, and nitrogen storage maintain the quality and preservation of fragile commodities. We believe in long-term collaborations and are eager to invest in additional buildings or infrastructure on-site if you require unique solutions.


Europe Logistics terminal in the Netherlands is accessible by water and inland canals in Rotterdam, and is located on the North Sea Channel in the harbors of Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Petroleum products can be conveniently handled in the vicinity. In addition, three jetties for loading and unloading tank barges and seagoing vessels are part of the extensive infrastructure that Europe Logistics has created to handle various transport modes. Tank trucks and rail tank carriages can also be loaded and discharged at the terminal.


Our fleet operates globally with the goal of safely transporting oil for our customers. We load and discharge cargoes on a daily basis as the world’s largest private VLCC owner, following the evolving trading routes of the VLCC trade. We also have a sizable Suezmax fleet and consider ourselves to be experts in the operation of Aframax tankers. All of our ships are operated to the highest standards, ensuring that our customers receive first-rate service in terms of safety, navigation, cargo handling, commercial responsiveness, and customer focus.

Annually, seagoing ships in the Netherlands consume around 11 million tonnes of fuel oil, 200,000 tonnes of marine gasoil, and 125,000 tonnes of lubricating oil. This is due to more than simply the size and volume of the ports; shipowners commonly pick this even when their ship’s European rotation includes a number of other ports. Rotterdam and Amsterdam have developed as popular bunker ports for a multitude of reasons, not the least of which being affordability. Rotterdam, as one of the top three bunkering ports in the world, takes pride in having the lowest bunker rates in the world, for both fuel oil and marine gas oil. Many container ships arrange refueling in Rotterdam for their whole round trip between Europe, Asia, and Europe.

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