Keeping an outstanding safety culture

Europe Logistics maintains a great safety culture in which participation and knowledge lead to intrinsically safe work practices. To ensure that we continue to prosper, we focus on establishing a fantastic culture of safety. We have devised a strategy to meet our commitment to the personal and process safety of our employees, clients, and other stakeholders. It reflects how we, as individuals, teams, and organizations, approach environmental, health, and safety challenges.

We all work together to identify, eliminate, limit, and manage any health and safety issues associated with our activities. We believe that building a robust culture of safety and respect among all people involved in our activities is critical to the success of our company. Europe Logistics’ safety policy is a critical component of our sustainability strategy. Maintaining and constantly improving safety standards is a crucial component of our day-to-day operations.

Health, Safety, Security & Environmental Policy

Large volumes of expensive and potentially toxic liquids necessitate responsible and safe operations. We are dedicated to the safe and effective functioning of all of our sites worldwide. Our mission is to eliminate all accidents, injuries, and occupational illnesses while also protecting the environment. As a result, we constantly optimize all of our activities with a focus on technological, organizational, and behavioral safety, and we create a proactive safety culture.

We introduced 8 Safety Principles in 2022 to reflect our ideas and how they improve our safety culture and performance. Taking full responsibility for safety performance reaffirms our commitment to safety as a value that informs all decisions at all levels of our organization. The administration will publicly and vehemently promote the implementation of this policy. We expect all workers, contractors, and those who work for us to help us so that our HSSE performance may continue to earn the trust and confidence of our customers, neighbors, and the community at large.

Health & Safety

Our organization places a high priority on health and safety. All accidents, injuries, and occupational illnesses are avoided. We are committed to harmonizing internal company regulations and being more severe in establishing the utilization of the best possible approaches. Because of the diversity of activities within the group of companies, it is critical to assess all risks independently. Based on this study, we deploy customized measures and create customized standards and work instructions. Our involvement in learning from accidents extends beyond just statistical judgments. Accidents are thoroughly investigated in order to discover company-wide opportunities for improvement. Furthermore, our proactive strategy is bolstered by promotion efforts aimed at raising risk awareness in the workplace.

Many of our staff travel as part of their jobs with us. As a result, travel safety is another critical topic on our HSSE agenda. Our holding company Marquard & Bahls has signed a service contract with a prominent provider of medical assistance, foreign healthcare, and security services in order to provide the best medical advice and services for employees on the road as well as expats. There is also a group-wide guidebook on travel safety and a web-based airline-vetting database that is updated daily to assist our staff in organizing international business visits.

Environmental Protection

Our activities have an immediate and indirect impact on the environment. As a result, we aim to make every effort to establish ourselves as an environmentally responsible firm in our business activities – a company that minimizes its negative influence on the environment. We are well aware that our commercial activities may entail environmental dangers, and that we rely on resources such as electricity, water, and building materials. As a result, we must make every effort now and in the future to minimize any detrimental impact on the environment. To do this, we have established rigorous environmental standards for ourselves.

Environmental concerns are an essential component of our HSSE management system. To reduce detrimental consequences, our HSSE policy requires that we use energy and raw materials efficiently, avoid pollution, and develop environmental consciousness among our staff. We have been documenting the frequency and volume of product releases, the amount of energy and water used, and the waste produced at our facilities for many years, and have established related KPIs that allow us to better identify and analyze our development. Furthermore, in order to assess our impact on climate change, our holding firm Marquard & Bahls assesses the group’s carbon dioxide (CO2) footprint.

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